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Dirk Jan Jager and Simon Ferdinando - Revoking The Gift, 9 April 2011, outLINE

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The duo Jager and Ferdinando have developed a concept in which the artists are performing inside the building, while light and sound produced can be experienced outside.
Inside cold and heavy metal is transformed into light, by welding machines.
In this light the artist strives to make analogue photographs of himself.

It is hell, as a consequence of the intense UV-radiation, extreme temperatures and toxic fumes. The public is seated on a purpose-built stand.
As darkness begins to fall the building looks totally closed, windows blinded with gold foil.
Then, with the flash of the welding arc, the interior scene is revealed.
A luminescent, naked man, as depicted by Blake and Tiepolo presents himself.
The intense flare creates a shadow play and a physical experience of light.

The male body is central for Jager and Ferdinando. They show situations of embodiment.
Naked welding is the core of this occasion, the act isolated, producing nothing material, creating extreme light to reveal the image like live cinema. This light is used to create living window silhouettes, like wajang effects of darkness and light.
Revoking The Gift sets old traditions of shadow play in a new light with live gamelan music setting the scene.

Photo Thomas Lenden