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Temporal Affairs - Rose Akras, Dirk Jan Jager and Rob Visser

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Galeria Vermelho: VERBO

Performance art show VERBO celebrates its 10th edition at Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo, Brazil.

Developed by Galeria Vermelho in 2005, the event brings together artists from both Brazil and around the globe. Together, the performances present the public with a panorama concerning the questions and procedures that make up the volume of the artists dedicated to performance today. The finals days of VERBO will see film screenings from Los Torreznos and performances by Rose Akras, Dirk Jan Jager, Rob Visser, Cris Bierrenbach and Marco Paulo Rolla.

The performances at VERBO are accompanied by an exhibition that highlights the role of documentation in performance art. By recording actions and performances, photography and video transitory projects are made perennial and occupy the intermediate place between the work and its documentation.

The proof of the artist’s action is the eye of the camera that recorded a temporary existence. As a work of the moment, the performance and artist’s fleeting gesture acquires permanence in time by means of its photographic documentation.

These works are not defined by way of rigid notions, but rather within a wider conception of the artwork.

VERBO takes place at Galeria Vermelho until Saturday 9 August 2014.