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Dirk Jan Jager - Marat Bubbles

The activist and scientist Jean Paul Marat who wrote so eloquently on the properties and behaviour of light on soap bubbles and had many hundreds executed by the egaliterian mechanism of the guillotine, is back among us for twenty four hours only, tied in a circulation of blood to his symbolic (aquatic) other Ophelia.

Marat - Sade indeed but somebody should pause for the other fat man, Hitchcock and Marat, the bath tub and the shower. Marat, a man ravaged and ugly to point of pity stabbed to death by a young woman in his bathtub. The roles reversed the beautiful young woman is murdered in her shower by the mentally scarred master of the Bates Motel. Ophelia wrapped in plastic and blood, light passing through a soap bubble.

photo Ilya Rabinovich