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Henna battle
Your skin is my canvas
First detailed drawings
Then you wipe it away
From soft to hard
At first henna is as soft as cream
Then it becomes granular
It dries in emotion
All are actions which leave something behind
Drawing in the space
And on each other's skin
Printing the body on the space

Silent water, everything has a reason
What I write on your back
Let's leave that till the end
When you move your back, the henna reacts
If you want it to remain you must keep still
Keep still while it dries, otherwise it will crumble and fall off
The grain falls, the print remains

That is the effect of henna
I don't want it to stop
I can not give a time limit
You leave it for what it is
At most you direct the process
As far as I'm concerned it is unending
The impermanence of things is out of my hands
The longer we don't occupy ourselves with domestic chores but live in the here and now, the longer this moment shall last

Concept: Dirk Jan Jager

Photos: Thomas Lenden

Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam

23 september 2016



A year ago, in the exhibition 'The Complete Sheet' Dirk Jan Jager took on a confrontation with himself. In this exhibition he is looking for balance. In the celebration of life there is much inspiration to be found, but too much partying and there is no time to develop this material. In RUN WRITE SHAKE photos present a flashback to a performance three years ago. These are displayed next to paintings that arose out of that performance. During the exhibition a new performance shall in turn produce new material for future paintings.

Arti et Amicitiae - Arti Gallery
Rokin 112, Amsterdam
23 September 2016