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FLAM at MIP3 2016
Participating artists: Fernando Belfiore, Peter Baren.

MIP 3  International Performance Manifestation, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

CEIA - Experimentation and Information Center of Art - is an initiative that for over 10 years organises activities in Brazil aimed at stimulating production and training in contemporary art. In Belo Horizonte CEIA held already eight international events of fine arts, focusing on various languages and establishing areas of training and exchange for many artists locally, nationally and internationally.

In August 2016, CEIA realized the third edition of the International Manifestation of Perfomance (MIP3) that, like the other two editions of the event, brought together artists from all over the world in  who were able to live through intense learning and experimentation processes in the field of performance art through activities such as workshops, performance art shows, video-performance shows, and a cycle of lectures.

The program was created thanks to the support of Mondriaan Fund.