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The Young and The Willing
by Samira Elagoz

Samira Elagoz (Finland) views her life as cinematic, as material to be manipulated. The artist often captures and forms reality into work that is unsettling and encourages the audience to view and discuss their own ethics of intimacy. The Young and The Willing revolves around digital hook-up culture. Tinder has become notorious for being used as a sex hunting app. Elagoz plays with the idea of the hook-up, changing its focus towards something more innocent, namely a first kiss. While using the directness and immediacy of Tinder, she only meets up with the Tinder boys for the sake of the real-life encounter: They shake hands, exchange names, and kiss. The video collection presented at FLAM shows the moment leading up to the kiss. For this work, Elagoz drew inspiration from the lyrics of a song by a young Finnish pop star: “I wanna be your first kiss, I know you wanna feel like this, Girl I'm gonna show you what true love is, I wanna be your first kiss”.

Performers: Samira Elagoz + Tinder boys.

Made possible with the support of ICK, Veem House for Performance and BLOOOM Awards.