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by Bea McMahon in collaboration with Artémise Ploegaerts

Look at the heron. The heron is playing a game. I don't know if he is playing fair. He is putting his face behind large concrete objects. He is playing at not being seen.

The heron is hiding himself from me. The heron is playing at not playing a game. If I show him I see he is playing, I shall break the rules. If I break the rules he will punish me, I must play his game of not seeing he is playing.
Bea McMahon

Prior to her art practice, Bea McMahon (Ireland) majored in mathematics and physics. Working with performance, moving image and sculpture, the artist navigates through conceptions of reality, absurdity, space and time. Face is a farce in which humans dressed up as fishes, pretend to be birds. On the floor lay two horizontal hovering performers. At one point they manage to stand up, becoming upright persons (or maybe, upright fish?). Perhaps they are no more themselves now than when they were fish or birds.

Made possible with support of Het Mondriaan Fonds and Treignac Project.