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The Seafroth Knows Neither Pain nor Time
by Anthony Nestel

Still, and unknown, in whom the night marries its dawn,
There is no joy but which is serene, beside the dead sands, there
is no mirror but your bodies,
In which the wave of time denudes its season! The one
Who goes forth knotting his word with seafroths and gambols upon
the mirror of the sand-still he dies.
The seafroth knows neither pain nor time.
Edouard Glissant

As a visual artist, Anthony Nestel (Belgium) often translates socio-political ideas and questions into broader journalistic and “objective” social frameworks. In his performance The Seafroth Knows Neither Pain nor Time, Nestel invites the audience to think through contemporary issues related to refugees, racism and the rise of right-wing nationalism in an increasingly interconnected world, all the while placing himself at the center of this endeavor.

Concept: Anthony Nestel, Eveline Vondeling; Choreography: Esther Arribas; Costume Designer: Niki Milioni; Sound Design: Gonçalo F. Cardoso; Performers: Matthew Carney, Kannakee Bhuyan, Naomi Broms, Cristina Bolis, Riccardo Guratti, Anthony Nestel; Advice: Riccardo Guratti.

This work is made possible through the support of the 3Package Deal (initiated by the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen) in collaboration with Veemhouse for Performance, De Balie and De Ateliers.