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Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone - Have you rearranged the flowers?

'buren' is a collaborative project of Melissa Mabesoone & Oshin Albrecht. During FLAM they will present their latest work 'Have you rearranged the flowers?'.

Through text and positioning in the space, they conduct the visitor's imagination to new places and create a different glance on the installed space again and again. They play with the idea that the image is used to illustrate reality, meanwhile reality is dictated by the image. Did we become spectators of our own existence? Or are we promenading in an endless (reality) show?

Wandering through these gardens makes me think of a certain place in a movie I once visited. Not knowing whether this experience situates itself in the future or the past. Fragments of memories are lying in the grass. The light embraces the shapes of the sculptures, the fountains, the inhabitants of this place. Making them feel at home equals the decision of putting me in the role of a visitor. A tourist. A frequent guest. Noticing differences that may have been here all along, and so there might be no change at all. A stagnation of time in a parallel universe.