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Goeun Bae - Solitary dancing / It's coming closer

Goeun Bae’s work discloses a personal story that reflects the vulnerable and unstable position of women in today's society. Bae's works become the voice that unveils and challenges the often hidden violence and oppression inflicted upon women. By using the body, she expands the affective reasoning that is tied inside of her and eliminate the bounds of limitations. she practices them through behaviors of self-torture, repetition, and pressure, which remain as a series of processes with unpredictable outcome. And they are realized in films, objects, performances, and photography. Therefore, Goeun Bae's works do not belong to a given category but are rather directed to be expelled or separated from the norm, to clash with the given, and to explode in itself.

Goeun Bae is an Amsterdam-based artist from Seoul city, South Korea(KR). Goeun’s practice includes performance, film, object, photography, and drawing. Goeun Bae received a BFA degree from Korea National University of Arts in 2008 and completed the graduate program at KNUA and earned my MFA degree in 2010. In 2012 she began a two year studio residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam.