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LIVE WORKS is a Rietveld Academy project, guided by Pien Vrijhof to improvise and compose with space, time, body, light, audience, material, sound, each other.

Surrounding surrounded
Nora Papp, Wei Ling Hung

while travelling through space
the space contains our body
through our body we perceive
here and there
you and me
passing by and passed by
feel it and be felt
surrounding and surrounded

And listen to the wind blow

Yoojin Lee, Sofi Lindroos

It has been there for a long time.
It is light and heavy. It is small and big.
It is hard and soft. It is rocky and airy.
It condenses. It disperses.
It has been here for a long time.
How long have we travelled to be here, you and me?

Running is not an option

Ivana Filip, Kajetan Uranitsch

Running is a movement pattern in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.
Running allows humans and animals to move rapidly on the earth.
In running is not an option one foot is always in contact with the ground, crawling, rolling, rubbing, falling.